Jews For Jesus Tackle Existentialisim, and Fail at It

Is it supposed to be some sort of sign that upon reaching the top of the steps of the Union Square station that I find a pamphlet titled “Existential Crisis”? (Do you like the Mac Photobooth mirror photo above? It somehow represents my inner-existential debate.) I’m going with no, but I must say, the picture of the little bug saying “oy vey that is supposed to be Kafka’s Metamorphosis main character, Gregor Samsa, made me somewhat uncomfortable. I feel like Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of the Jew/bug connection.

I sort of got to thinking that the Jews for Jeebus people sort of missed the boat on mentioning a more current Yid who has made a career expounding on his discomfort due to the absurdities of everyday life. But after some minor searching, I found that the most ass-backwards religious outreach organization around has actually dedicated a nearly 4,000 word essay on Woody Allen’s questions about God and religion titled, “God and Carpeting: The Theology of Woody Allen.” Sadly, nothing on Philip Roth, Noam Chomsky, or Madonna could be found — I’m led to believe that in the J4J peoples eyes, Woody and Franz are the most well-respected 20th-21st century Jewish thinker among Jewish Jesus freaks.

I’m hoping we are not far away from pamphlets talking about the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode called “The Baptism” or one based off of Nietzsche’s Übermensch possibly called ‘the ultimate Übermensch’.