Norman Mailer Lives On, Someone May Have Walked on the Moon

Taschen is releasing a $1,000 coffee table book called Norman Mailer, Moonfire comprised of Norman Mailer‘s series of articles on the Apollo 11 landing which he wrote in the 60’s and compiled in a book in 1970, Of a Fire On the Moon (now out of print). Mailer fittingly found the whole space travel fever ennui-inducing, a period during which the world’s attention was awed merely by feats of technology while crassly bypassing the philosophical immensities of such an out-of-this-world event. In any case, Mailer’s ego would have surely appreciated the immense price tag of this “gloriously imposing tome”(Daily Beast).

To make matters ridiculous, the art book is also available in an extremely limited “Lunar Rock Edition,” each of which comes with a real piece of the moon! You can’t make this stuff up, kids. The ridiculousness is commemorative more of Mailer and his solipsistic infamy than any frivolous moon landing. From the dead, the king of the literary hill is still keeping our priorities straight.