David Byrne: Can’t stop, won’t stop

By Jason Diamond

I feel safe saying that in the last ten years, David Byrne has had possibly the biggest spurt of artistic inspiration in his four decade long career. A short list of accomplishments that deserve mention include releasing three really good albums – one that reunited him with past collaborator/genius, Brian Eno; putting together the “No Boundaries” series at Carnegie Hall; turning a building into a musical instrument; and inspiring some of the most talked about bands of the last five years. Then last year, he added another notch on his belt of achievements when he designed several bike racks that popped up all over the city.

This summer as he revisits his cycling muse. Releasing his new book the Guardian calls “an engaging book: Part diary, part manifesto”, Byrne again shows off his love for bike culture in Bicycle Diaries – a compilation of Byrne’s travelogues from peddling all over the world.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to get this book simply because at this point, Byrne could become an interpretative bubble blower and I’d be interested in it. The guy is the model for the 21st century urbanite due to the fact that he promotes dialogue, art and sustainable living on both a local and global level, and still has time to do Talking Heads covers when he plays live.