Bites: Ted Kennedy, Victorian Hero?, V. Woolf liked sci-fi, losing Afhanistan, newspaper bailout, Vol.1 is connected


The Rumpus shares what Peanuts would look like if it had been written by Charles Bukowski.

Was Ted Kennedy a Victorian hero? This new study, “Hierarchy in the Library: Egalitarian Dynamics in Victorian Novels,” suggests that “novels are a cultural technology for teaching cooperation and suppressing attempts to gain dominance.”

Virginia Woolf liked science fiction! (Thanks, The Rumpus)

The New York Times takes a look at “The Evolution of Publishing

Levi Asher gets back to “Reviewing the Review” at Lit Kicks


There is absolutely no good solution to/in Afghanistan.  In this week’s issue, George Packer profiles Richard Holbrooke for the New Yorker. “Holbrooke told the writer that three things could cause America to lose the war: the Taliban sanctuary in Pakistan, civilian casualties, and corruption.”  Those odds aren’t good.

Obama’s considering bailing out some print media.

The president reportedly didn’t initially like his “Yes we can!” campaign slogan.  He called it “childish” and “corny.”  Luckily (not because it’s necessarily good, but because it worked), Michelle convinced him to keep it.


Anne Le’s murder was, tragically, even more horrific than you thought.

Maud Newton on family expressions

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