Vol. 1 Brooklyn Presents: Battle of the New York Nerds

We decided it was high time to settle the war between the North and the South – of Brooklyn.

Our two competitors for this inner-borough civil war include staff from the Greenpoint Gazette and Overflow Magazine. The pride of Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint are on the line as the Gazetters, representing the northern section of Brooklyn, face off against the southerners of Overflow from the mean streets of Gowanus.
These two teams will compete in a no-holds-barred battle of the wits, each competing for honor of donating money to some of our favorite people.

Our special celebrity judges will be on hand to do what judges do, making sure nobody cheats, uses performance-enhancing drugs, or otherwise steps out of line. The rules are simple: each team will be comprised of three players, each player will take a turn answering a series of trivia questions ranging from current events to literature, sports, food, history, and more.

The designated captain of the opposing team will strategically choose the categories in which their competitor will answer. Before the beginning of the match, audience members will be asked which side they are on, and will be sat accordingly to boo, or cheer for their team or the opponents. Throughout the evening, audience members will also be able to help the team of their choice by answering questions that will help decide which half of Brooklyn rules supreme.

Our special guest judges, Sarah and Maria of The Desk Set, and Adira Amram, will make sure the battle doesn’t get too out of control.

There will be a suggested 2 dollar donation to help out our friends at Books Through Bars, who recently had a fire in their office. The 2 dollars is optional, but we know you will be nice and give it up, and possibly more.

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