Bites: Klosterman Gets Married and Bad Journalism Ensues, Gore Vidal Gets Nostalgic, Infinite Book Clubs, and more

Chuck Klosterman got married, and journalistic ethics are called into question.  Also, the article in question is lame.


Gore Vidal is a man of letters, which is inherently at least mostly respectable.  His recent interview with the Times is filled with wisdom, albeit sharp and abrasive.

The Desk Set hipped us to Abe Books Weird Book Room.  Thanks.

Infinite Summer, the D.F.W-reading online book club, has climbed their Everest.  To celebrate, they’re reading Dracula.  Yep.  Honestly, I’m into book clubs these days.

In that vein, the Book Bench has a feature, “Book Club Confidential,” which details “the secret proceedings of book clubs in the city and beyond.”  Hmmm.

More zombies, oh my.

Print might not be as dead as originally thought.

Chicago Reader on the son of legendary Chicago journalist, Mike Ryoko.

I have to Kill the rooster tomorrow.  He’s being asshole” Just read it.


People hate Vampire Weekend, but I don’t think they care.

“I Slept With Joey Ramone” might become a film.


The Faster Times looks at hockey and nationalism in Canada.  Eh.


God, the Mr. Belevedere theme song is the WORST.  Hang tight buddy.