Bookstore Cat of the Week: Champ

This might get me pigeonholed as the “weird dude who likes cats too much,” but I really like store cats. So much so that I have found myself going into stores that I’m not necessarily that fond of simply to pet their cats.

With that in mind, since it is Monday morning, I feel it my duty to bring a little bit of joy to the world and introduce the Store Cat of the Week.

This is Champ. He lives at The Vortex in Bushwick, Brooklyn. While The Vortex is more of a thrift store–and as one person on Yelp put it, “a little stoner-y”–they do have an impressive array of books and I find myself there on a weekly basis.¬† Maybe that explains why Champ is almost always curled on top of one of the many crates of records in the middle of the store.

Here, our sleeping hero is stalked by a very slow enemy (me):