Coming up: The Soapbox Reading Series Presented by Electric Literature

We have been pretty much been a fan of just about everything Electric Literature has done so far. I mean how can’t you be?  Did you bother to read this thing they wrote about Thomas Pynchon that references Bob Dylan and David Foster Wallace?  Did you see their stuff on Youtube?  Did you pick up their book?

We did, and we like all of the stuff we mentioned, so we will be taking a field trip to Washington Square Park on both October 13th, 2009 and October 20th, 2009, Noon – 1:30pm to check out their Soapbox Reading Series.  Because really, what could be better than listening to some readers on a (hopefully) beautiful autumn day?


Oct 13th: Colson Whitehead and Carmiel Banasky

20th: Stephen O’Connor and special guests