Bites: The last Nobel mentions (maybe…), libraries in trouble, browsing, new Tom Waits, Mussolini working for the Brits, and more


One final Nobel link roundup.


  • Jacket Copy asks if “browsing is a dying art“.  We think the answer is no.  Especially if the bookstore has a good cat. Then we will just hang out all day reading books and petting the cat.
  • We are waiting for the way for “Dictator-lit”  to become all the rage.


  • Carly Simon is taking Starbucks to court.
  • Salon calls The Life of the World to Come, the new Mountain Goats album, “the liberal bible”.


  • In case you care about knowing more on the people that are going to lose the race against Bloomberg, The Awl breaks it down.

Historically significant

  • Before he became the “Duce of Fascism”, Benito Mussolini was a 34 year old journalist working for the British.