Warning: The Bookstore Cat of the Week Lives in a Record Store

I was bumming around Academy Records in Williamsburg, contemplating dropping 30 bucks on either the first pressing of Tigermilk (on Jeepster) or some Terry Riley record I probably didn’t need, but wanted anyway.  Then, suddenly, my eyes turned to the little dreamboat prancing on top of all the records.  I asked Caleb (head honcho of the phenomenal Sacred Bones record label) who that four-legged record nerd was, and he replied “that’s Tigger”.

So my thinking here is this: since the “Bookstore Cat of the Week” has only been bestowed upon one other kitty, and he was a kitty that didn’t technically live in a bookstore, well we figured Tigger looked way too cool in front of that Pussy Galore record, and he deserved to be out Bookstore Cat of the Week.

Oh, and for the record (pun maybe intended?), this first picture is courtesy of one of the nice dudes at Academy.  Thanks buddy

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