Bites: Gladwell is Analyzed, Zizek on Post-Communism, the “Weirdness” of Health Insurance, and more

Malcolm Gladwell

The internet is a-twitter with three things this morning: the anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the health care bill, and Maureen Tkacik’s Nation piece,  “Malcolm Gladwell for Dummies.” HTMLGIANT’s Justin Taylor sees the essay as more than just a piece on Gladwell, but also “worth looking at…in light of [the] ongoing discussion of what good criticism can or should look like.”  The Millions wonders if this is “a tipping point for Gladwell haters.”

Berlin Wall

Additionally, Philosopher Slavoj Zizek urges that post-Communist countries should not be written off as “immature.”  Indeed, capitalism did not rise romantically from the rubble of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  The Hegelian-Marxist-Lacanian superstar declares in his NY Times op-ed on today’s anniversary, that we’ve been “deceived by 20th-century Communism and disillusioned with 21st-century capitalism.”

Health Care

Conor Friedersdorf for The Daily Beast points out in light of new steps for the Reform that “neither Republicans nor Democrats adequately acknowledge that it is deeply weird to tie health insurance to one’s job, and even stranger to discuss health-care reform as though it is primarily a matter of getting everyone insured.”

Other interesting notes: