Happening: Largehearted Lit, December Edition

This Sunday night, 5PM at the Knitting Factory, Largehearted Boy, and curator Jami Attenberg present another night of Largehearted Lit. If you were at the last one, you witnessed Libba Bray deliver a soul-stirring rendition of The Modern Lovers “Roadrunner”, and Lev Grossman getting some “nerd rapper” to do his thing.

Not sure what everybody has in store this month, but doing the research, we think this is going to be pretty good since Emma Straub & Marie Mutsuki Mockett will be reading, and the special musical guests are members of The Magnetic Fields and Beirut.

5 Reasons we are excited about this months edition.

1. Emma Straub picked Jens Lekman and Billy Joel for her Book Notes. We sorta love that.

2. Marie Mutsuki Mockett wrote this essay.

3.  Everything we read involving Claudia Gonson of The Magnetic Fields makes her like us more.  The look into her fridge in the summer issue of Edible Brooklyn, and her writing about this mixtape she got from an ex are a few good examples.

4. This video of Emma helps the cause.

Emma Straub at Bookcourt from M + E on Vimeo.

5. We were so excited about the first Largehearted Lit, we interviewed David (Largehearted Boy), and Jami.