Bites: San Francisco Panorama, Fictonaut for the Holidays, Dawkins Getting Soft, Attenberg’s Blurbs, Orrin Hatch Ruins Hanukkah, and More

Panorama is out!

  • The people at Green Apple Books say the Panorama will “most certainly provide a bit of breathing room away from the vapid smog that seems to have engulfed much of the world of modern journalism.”  They link to here when mentioning “vapid smog”.


  • Jami Attenberg’s new book, The Melting Season is due to hit soon, and she wonders about blurbs.  Are the necessary?
  • Moby Lives discusses the Electric Literature/Rick Moody Twitter experiment:  “All of a sudden, the experiment went from ‘cool’ to ‘troubled’ ‘failure’ to ‘utter failure’ in these peoples’ perspectives.”

Awww Snap!

  • The Awl won’t link the Sarah Palin Op-Ed in the Washington Post.  I think we’re gonna follow their lead.

Songs, and the people who sing them.

  • Everybody comes together to record a tribute to Tall Dwarfs guy Chris Knox, including Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Stephen Merritt, The Bats, and Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel!!!