Outside of Society, That’s Where Patti Smith Wants to be

Patti Smith was in the New York Times yesterday, discussing the PBS premier of the documentary, “Patti Smith, Dream of Life”, on Dec. 30th.

The broadcast, part of the PBS series “POV,” is but the first step in what appears to be an all-out blitz to erase any remaining notions that Ms. Smith has not done enough work yet.

That quote didn’t sit right with me, as I wasn’t aware  anybody thought Smith’s body of work was lacking anything — I know I certainly don’t feel that way.  Sure, Smith’s catalog may not be as extensive as many of her contemporaries from the mid-to-late 1970’s, but look at some of the crap those people put out at certain points in their careers (Blondie, anyone?).  Whereas Smith has done a fine job of putting out good albums on a consistent basis, and continuing to publish her poetry on a similar time line.

For this last video of the song “Horses”, anybody ever notice how much it starts out sounding like a Neu! song?