Happening: Robert A.A. Lowe and Rose Lazar Art Opening

I like Lowe’s work, and think this might be a pretty sweet way to experience it if you are unfamiliar.

“Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar are going to have an art opening at the By and By Gallery in Brooklyn on February 26th to celebrate the release of their “Eclipses” release that Thrill Jockey put out at the end of January (Limited Edition LP Only). This event is different because Rob is not actually going to play (however loops from the album will be played) and the focus will be on their artwork.”

February 26th By and By Gallery 552 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 Time: Opening Reception from 6-9 PM.

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  1. prepping our party the next night, but going to definitely try to make it. i like their stuff a lot too