I Bet Michael Chabon is a Pretty Sweet Dad

I’m probably never going to read Manhood for Amateurs (sorry), but every time I read something Michael Chabon writes something about dads, being a dad, etc. I think to myself that he probably makes a pretty sweet parent.

  • In comparing himself to his father-in-law, I think he admits that he smoked or smokes weed:

“I didn’t play golf, and he had never smoked marijuana.”

  • He married a woman who had  “a rich history of weird sex, weird jobs and weird scenes”.  Michael Chabon seems to have no boundaries.
  • Michael Chabon is not ashamed to show pictures from his dork childhood

  • Chabon can pop out books like The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, but he says there is nothing he works harder at than being a good dad.

That’s baller.

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