Franz Nicolay Hips World and Publisher (Me) as to What’s Next

Over at Largehearted Boy, Mr. Nicolay discusses the future, and I get excited.

Karan Kanan Correa: What can we expect from the next set of stories? Please no more pigeons.

Franz Nicolay: How do you feel about magicians? And moose? In all seriousness – I’m trying to connect the two worlds you refer to in the previous question. Since “CGT” is the first in a series of chapbooks, there’s more material in that vein. I guess I’ve reached a point where I’ve been doing what I consider my life’s work in a meaningful and semi-public way for ten years, and if I wanted to, I could reasonably try and do something else. Since I’m choosing not to do that, it’s an opportunity to take a breath, now that I’m not in constant, scrambling motion, and see how it all went down and if there’s any lessons to be learned. It’s tough: I’d like to try to process my time with World/Inferno, but I’m having a surprisingly hard time even describing the basic events. Like they say about the 60s, if you claim to remember them, you weren’t there.