Random Notes From Reading Touch & Go Anthology at Chain Bookstore

  • Flipped right to a review of U2’s “Boy,” then one of The Birthday Party’s “Release the Bats” single, then to a naked picture of Cosey Fanny Tutti, spread eagle, with “sexism sucks (but it sure makes my spud go turgid)” written above it.
  • Tesco Vee asks Negative Approach, “ Why did Youth Patrol break up?  Come on, give us the hot poop…”
  • The guy sitting next to me is taking notes from a sports magazine on fantasy football.  He picked Greg Olsen.  Good for him.
  • On Sonic Youth’s first album: “Interesting ass shit, and from New York no less.”
  • This whole book is really good looking.  I think I’ll buy it, but I’d rather not buy it from this place.

Posted By Jason Diamond