Buy: “Mirror Me” Zine

Posted by Jason Diamond

Mirror Me” is  a collaborative exhibition and performance organized by Brandon Stosuy and  Kai Althoff, that has been turned into a zine.  Knowing Stosuy’s good taste (which seems to extend far beyond just the music he writes about at Stereogum), I took the plunge and plopped down the eight bucks to attain a copy.

The Zine features new materials by artists, writers and musicians such as Adam Helms, Brandon Stosuy, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Kai Althoff, Karlynn Holland, Lionel Maunz, Matt Zaremba, Matteah Baim, Mitch Kehe, Nick Z., Peter Sotos, Philip Best, Scott Campbell, Theo Stanley, Yair Oelbaum, Zach Baron.