Monday Musica: Minimal John Cassavetes and Robert Johnson, aTelecine and More

Posted by Jason Diamond

Composer Ekkehard Ehlers interprets the work of John Cassavetes and Robert Johnson. (Via Dangerous Minds).

Don’t be interested in aTelecine just because Sasha Grey is involved, or because her “interest in Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Sunn O))), black metal, NWW, Navicon Torture Technologies, C93, Lustmord, Einstürzende Neubauten, Earth, etc” prefaces the two tracks Stereogum posted last week.  No no.  Listen because the first track “It’s all Write” sounds like the lost collaboration between Arthur Russell and Throbbing Gristle that may or may not have ever happened.

Any album described as “best understood as an empanada,” can’t be bad.  This new Helado Negro EP comes out to remind you of lazy days in South America as the weather up here starts to get colder.

Oh man do I love Lord Huron.  This is the sort of music that sounds like it was written for the summer, but really translates well to any time of the year.  It’s like everything I want to like about Grizzly Bear.  Probably going to buy the “Into the Sun”  7 inch very soon.

Listen: Lord Huron – “Into the Sun”