The Next Obvious Step in Malcolm Gladwell’s Career…

Posted by Jason Diamond

Malcolm Gladwell and Mark Wahlberg are teaming up to bring a new spy show on HBO.  Yes, you read that right: Donnie Wahlberg’s brother and Sideshow Bob are making a television show together.

There are no details whatsoever about what the show is about, other than it’s a spy thriller.  But if I could go out on a limb for a second and play the art of a prophet, I’m going to guess each episode will be about 3 hours long, and will involve a spy from around the Boston area.  You will be left up to your own devices to understand the plot–if there’s a plot at all–and you will come away with absolutley nothing gained from time spent watching the show.


  1. Actually, the episodes themselves will only be an hour, but each will be followed by a ponderous two-hour moderated discussion in which Gladwell drives home the message of the week with a condescending synopsis and makes reductive analogies between the plot and something totally unrelated going on elsewhere in the world.