Morning Bites: Sarah Vowell in Hawaii, Shteyngart’s Belly Button, Joshua Cohen, Nazi Gold, And More

Sarah Vowell, Unfamiliar Fishes

New Sarah Vowell book means lots of new Sarah Vowell interviews (thank you God).  Expect lots more like this one from Mother Jones:

Mother Jones: Did you decide to write Unfamiliar Fishes so you could get a tan in Hawaii?

Sarah Vowell: Well, a lot of my time in Hawaii was spent wearing a cardigan sweater and sitting in archives that are climate-controlled, researching old missionary letters and correspondence between the men who got the United States to annex Hawaii.

  • The Daily News returns to Zimbabwe.  The newspaper plans to “take a critical stand against bad governance,” which might be the opposite of the American Daily News.
  • Nazi gold” sounds like a sweet name for a 70s punk band. But alas, it’s a discussion about how putting a swastika on the cover of a book will equal sales.