Gary Shteyngart is King of the Foodies

Photo by Chester Higgins Jr. for The New York Times

Posted by Jason Diamond

Whether it’s the introduction of the Shteyngart Diet, discussing smoked meats with James Yeh of Gigantic Mag over Korean bbq, talking about a New York pastrami institution, prophesying the “Montreal smoked meat trend” seven years before it hit Brooklyn, or getting drunk, Gary Shteyngart loves to talk about food more than almost anybody else I can think of who doesn’t make their living off of it.

Since the paperback version of Super Sad True Love Story is out, it’s time for Gary to once again drag willing reporters around New York as he chants his mantra of “Must feed … must feed … must feed.”  (He literally says this.)  This time around the job is left to John Schwartz at the New York Times to get Gary to talk about toast with peanut butter and orange marmalade, as well as lamb burgers, and gorging himself “on lentils, cauliflower, chicken or a little goat if they had it.”