Indexing: ESPN, Erik Davis, Emma Forrest, and more

Jason Diamond
I’m going to pick up ESPN: Those Guys Have all the Fun today after work.  I’m pretty sure that makes me just another cog in the machine of this soon-to-be bestseller, but I don’t care.

Also going to crack open Emma Forrest’s Your Voice in My Head this weekend.  Possible review forthcoming.

Tobias Carroll
My reading about art (in the broadest sense) continues. Finished Geoff Dyer’s Otherwise Known As the Human Condition, which seems likely to wind up in my “best of 2011” list at the end of the year. It’s also given me a tremendous craving for Doughnut Plant‘s doughnuts. That was followed by Erik Davis’s Nomad Codes; I’ll have a short review of that on here next week. And I’ve recently begun Chris Kraus’s Where Art Belongs — so far, theoretically perceptive yet blissfully accessible writings on art across multiple disciplines.

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