Morning Bites: Rum Diary preview, The Recipe Project, John Minichillo, Springsteen Suicide, and more

We’re pretty excited to see Johnny Depp (who never seems to age) in another Hunter S. Thompson role.  So the preview for the The Rum Diary obviously makes us very happy.

  • The Recipe Project, the cookbook put together by One Ring Zero, which features uber-chefs like Mario Batali, David Chang, and Isa Chandra Moskowitz, gets a writeup at Huff. Po. About five seconds after reading it, we got really hungry.  Too bad we’re probably only going to be eating beans from straight out of the can after Hurricane Irene knocks us back into the dark ages.
  • John Minichillo talks to Three Guys One Book about his whale of a book.  (Sorry, that was cheesy.  You’ll understand after you click the link.)
  • L Magazine weighs in on the James Blake/Bon Iver collaboration, Fall Creek Boys Choir: “Vernon harmonizing with his heavily Auto-Tuned self and Blake doing whatever it is that people are constantly praising him for behind the boards.”