Vacation is all we ever wanted

Things are going to be a little slow around these parts until after the new year.  We will still be posting daily Bites along with other assorted things, but if any of the following happen, we will totally post something about it:

1.  If we find out that any of the following books are real and got book deals:  Zombie Huckleberry Finn, Salon Hack List Vs. Zombies, a book where people who tweeted, tumbled, blogged, or thought too much about the Marie Calloway story in the Observer turn into zombies, or if a zombie takes over Salman Rushdie’s Twitter account.

2. If we find out that Christopher Hitchens actually faked his own death so he could see how many people would write pieces ruminating over the time they had a drink with him, shook his hand, heard him speak, read one of his books, disagreed with his views, or thought Christopher Hitchens was totally somebody else.

3. If Keith Gessen gets arrested again, we would probably blog about that.

4.  If Louis C.K. writes a novella for Melville House to publish, then gives all the money to a charity (because there’s serious cash to be made in those novellas).

5.  If Jason gets drunk enough, he might be inclined to write a piece debating whether he makes fun of Skrillex because he’s getting old or because he’s totally justified in talking shit about what the “kids” like these days because the “kids” are being totally misled.

In the meantime, if you really miss us, go read about the time Toby tried eating crawfish for the first time, or maybe submit something to Sunday Stories.

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