The Week In Reviews: Douglas Wolk On Fucked Up, Englander + Buber, On Woody, And More

A weekly appreciation for the art of the review.

“It’s bombastic as hell, of course– the keyboard part is the closest Fucked Up have ever come to Meat Loaf– but this is the product of a band that thinks big.

– At Pitchfork, Douglas Wolk on Fucked Up’s Year of the Tiger.

Because if you’re going to talk Nathan Englader, you might as well start it off by talking about Martin Buber.  Scott Cheshire at the Tottenville Review does just that.

“Helen DeWitt’s Lightning Rods is a hilarious satire on contemporary American society: sexism, affirmative action, equal opportunity, political correctness—nothing escapes the author’s exacting, irreverent eye.”

Andrea Scrima of The Rumpus on Lightning Rods.

“Coming to any kind of “conclusion” about Woody is extremely difficult. While over a dozen books have been written on the man and his work, to date his films are typically only available on bare-bones DVDs with nothing in the way of commentary or behind-the-scenes features.”

PopMatters on Woody Allen

Edward Champion looks at V.S. Naipaul’s A Bend in the River, and in doing so shares an incredibly unsettling dream involving Wolf Blitzer.

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