So Hey, Charlie Kaufman’s Adapting “The Knife Of Never Letting Go”

In today’s unexpected news of the cinema: Charlie Kaufman will apparently be writing an adaptation of Patrick Ness’s YA novel The Knife of Never Letting Go. Having read the book in question (as well as the other two in the Chaos Walking) trilogy, this isn’t quite as weird of a match as it may seem: Ness’s novels are set in what could best be described as a telepathic dystopia, making them — one surmises — a bit of a challenge to adapt.

That said, I’d like to see the reverse: Synecdoche, New York somehow reverse-engineered into a popular series of dystopian YA novels. (Come on — you’ve already got devastated urban landscapes, despair, and zeppelins.) And fans of the series could be divided into Team Eternally Burning House and Team Dianne Wiest’s Voice In Your Ear.

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