Quotable: It Takes a lot to be one of the Gatsbabies

“We brought up his resemblance to Clark Gable, and the woman paused. “I don’t know what Clark Gable looks like,” she said flatly.”


“We tickle people’s curiosity,” Mr. Lee said. He’s found that, as it was for Gatsby, a certain air of mystery can be useful. “The first question I get is ‘What do you really do?’” he said. “And that’s how I know I’ve garnished their attention, and that’s how I know it’s a three-pointer.”

– Do you know about the Gatsbabies?  Let the New York Observer tell you all about them.  As Sara Weinman pointed out on Twitter: “the only appropriate response would come from Bret Easton Ellis’s twitter feed in the wee hours.”

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