Chloë Sevigny’s Life in Pictures

Probably the least relevant in an ongoing series of short films and essays on the intersection between fashion and fetish, Dasha Zhukova’s contribution to the SHOWstudio project is mostly an excuse to apply old-timey silent film conventions to a short featuring actress Chloë Sevigny and writer Derek Blasberg.  Where other auteurs (Daphne Guinness and Asia Argento have already contributed) made serious inquiries into the matter of fashion/fetish, Zhukova’s piece is a sepia-toned three minutes and forty seconds of Sevigny and a lovely sorbet-colored Prada dress.  We can forgive the film’s inability to really confront the subject at hand if only because it could do better as a gorgeous trailer for Emma Straub’s forthcoming Jazz Age epic, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures.

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