Afternoon Bites: Alison Espach Interviewed, Blurring the Critic/Musician Lines, Indie Press Recommendations, and More

“To me, the most excruciating conflict is the private conflict, the stuff inside us we try to hide from everybody, except perhaps the reader. I get lost in big plot sometimes, in obvious conflict.” Alison Espach, interviewed at Flavorwire.

Our own Jen Vafidis, along with Steve Himmer and Michele Filgate, recommends a number of indie press titles on NHPR’s Word of Mouth.

Shya Scanlon has a new ebook, titled Border Run, available for download now. (We had good things to say about his recently-reissued novel Forecast, as you might remember.)

The Rumpus chatted with Colson Whitehead.

Matt LeMay on his experiences as a critic and a musician.

Hua Hsu has thoughts on the new Frank Ocean album.

Jon Reiss on literary agency slush piles.

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