Afternoon Bites: Dan Yemin on Zines, Bourbon Labels and Book Covers, Debating “The Clock,” and More


Dan Yemin — of Paint it Black, Lifetime, and Kid Dynamite — would like to tell you some things about zines.

Not to be outdone, Colin Dickey would like to tell you some things about Stephen King.

Apparently, Malcolm McLaren once commissioned a comic from Alan Moore.

David Edelstein and Jerry Saltz throw down over Christian Marclay’s The Clock.

Bitch Magnet’s Jon Fine chats with the Worst Gig Ever podcast.

Dean Wareham chats with Brad Cohan about the legacy of Galaxie 500, his upcoming solo album,  the odds of a Luna reunion, and more.

After today’s Patrick Wensink/Jack Daniels cover-art non-kerfuffle, we are eagerly anticipating the first work of literary fiction with a Buffalo Trace-inspired cover. (We might even write it.)

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