Morning Bites: Rushdie Threatened Again, William Gibson on “Gangham Style,” Made in the U.S.A. Makes Comeback and More

William Gibson

William Gibson talks punk and “Gangnam Style” in part three of his interview at Wired.

Anna Karenina, Moby-Dick, Ulysses, Wise Blood and several other classics get covers re-imagined as art.

Things that don’t make sense: Some schmuck makes a really dumb film and now Salman Rushdie has to deal with a fatwa again.

David Cameron, Tilda Swinton, Stephen Fry and other set out on an ambitious voyage to read 135 chapters of Moby-Dick in 135 days. (That’s the second of  Melville’s book.)

How “Made in the U.S.A.” is making a comeback.

About that Maureen Dowd column…

A very great Politico longread on how Mitt Romeny’s campaign has stumbled.

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