Morning Bites: Man Booker Awaits, Literary Excess, Broder Blurbs, BlackBerry Shame, and More

Happy Man Booker prize day! Ladbrokes is calling Pete Townshend lookalike Will Self the favorite, even though he’s just a journalist.

Ben Masters defends stylistically “excessive” writers like the lovely Virginia Woolf, who rarely needs defending. (We get what he means though.)

We’re sure the Pope’s book deal will spawn thousands of think pieces in Slate, etc., about what this means for Popes in the media.

“A moral: men can be linear and clumsy but they are absolutely capable of love.” Melissa Broder blurbs every story in the latest New York Tyrant.

A look at the latest César Aira over at The Millions.

Some people are ashamed of their unhip, bulky, hideous BlackBerrys. No comment.

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