Morning Bites: Rushdie And Le Carré Chill, Wise Vonnegut, Fake William Gibson, Purity Ring, And More

Commentary fired book blogger D.G. Myers for a post titled “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage.” In other news, the only person you know that reads Commentary is your 83-year-old Jewish grandfather. Wait, you don’t have an 83-year-old Jewish grandfather? Then it seems you don’t know anybody that reads Commentary.

Fake William Gibson has some ideas.

Courtney Maum writes about a 42 year-old accepting the National Book Foundation’s 5 under 35 Award at Freerange Nonfiction.

Kurt Vonnegut had some wisdom to drop when he was alive.

Speaking of Vonneguts: Kurt’s daughter talks to The Rumpus.

Salman Rushdie and John le Carré are totally chill.

Please watch this new Purity Ring video.

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