Morning Bites: The Mingle, Bad Handbags, Gin in Spain, Nora Ephron, and More

“When Max said, “Mom, I’m going to miss you so much,” she said: “Miss me? Well, I’m not dead yet.” – Jacob Bernstein on his mother Nora Ephron’s “final act.”

And in droves people came out again last Tuesday, apparently super-psyched to get drunk and talk shop without having to first sit through a reading or awkwardly decline to buy a book afterward.” – The New York Observer wrote about The Mingle

Lincoln Michel talks with Sam Lipsyte at Bookforum.

Dostoyevsky scholar and biographer Joseph Frank has passed away.

Tough times in Spain, but at least there’s still gin.

If you buy that expensive Italian leather handbag, you might be aiding in deforestation.

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