Band Booking: Colleen Green on Pop Harmonies, Stephen King, and the Hardcore Aesthetic


Colleen Green makes buzzsaw pop: fuzzed-out guitars atop minimal rhythms, with her melodic vocals atop it all. Her new album keeps a certain blissed-out pop-punk sensibility, but also delves into more complex structures, recalling — among others — Velocity Girl. On the eve of her departure on tour, we talked about said new album (titled Sock It To Me), unorthodox beverages as sonic inspiration, and more.

The patch on the cover of your new album seems like a pretty big nod in the direction of hardcore, and you’ve released an album called Milo Goes to Compton. To what extent has hardcore influenced the music that you make?

I grew up seeing lots of different punk people wearing back patches, not just hardcore kids. It was originally a t-shirt that got all fucked up, but I really liked it and wanted to keep it so I made it into a patch. Hardcore music has not really influenced my music much that I know of, but people have different definitions of “hardcore” I guess.

Since I was practically raised on the show, I have to ask: is the title a Laugh-In reference?


There’s a layered aspect to songs like “You’re So Cool” and “Darkest Eyes.” At what point in the songwriting process for Sock it to Me did harmonies enter the picture?

I do harmonies on almost every song I write. It always sounds so much better. All the biggest pop songs of today have tons of layers on the vocals.

An early EP of yours referenced Four Loko. Have you found artistic inspiration in any other offbeat beverages?

Well, that EP was more influenced/inspired by my friend Kayla, and not so much on the beverage. I’ve never actually drank 4 Loko.

What have you been reading lately?

Right now I am juuust about done with Gerald’s Game by Stephen King.

Colleen Green plays April 21st at Death by Audio. Her album Sock it to Me is out now on Hardly Art.

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