Afternoon Bites: Margaret Atwood in LA, Carl Wilson on Jackie Shane, New York (Times) Hardcore, Aleksander Hemon, and More


“By now it should be obvious that Jackie Shane wasn’t bringing his act to Toronto so it could be better understood. Instead he was taking it out of context, to someplace where it seemed more alien and strange. Maybe he liked it better that way.” Carl Wilson explores the life of Jackie Shane.

Margaret Atwood was interviewed at the Los Angeles Festival of Books.

Ron Hogan looked at the first few episodes of Hemlock Grove. (Our review of the novel on which it’s based can be read here.)

Zachary Lipez interviewed Aaron Montaigne — who you may know from Antioch Arrow, Heroin, Dangerous Boys Club, and more.

Aleksander Hemon talked with the BBC.

Warren Ellis on William Gibson and Don DeLillo.

There’s a nicely concise piece in The New York Times about the current state of New York hardcore.

Roy Kesey on a fictional Paul Thomas Anderson film.

Where tattoos meet graffiti

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