On Looking Forward to Charles D’Ambrosio’s Essay Collection


Later this year, Tin House will release Loitering, a collection of essays by Charles D’Ambrosio. D’Ambrosio might be best-known for his fiction: specifically, the collections The Point and the amazing The Dead Fish Museum. His nonfiction is searingly beautiful as well, both the work collected in Orphans (which Loitering will encompass) and that which he’s written since.  Alternately: this promises to be a book that I’ll end up buying en masse and handing out to friends.

D’Ambrosio talked a bit about his nonfiction in this Quarterly Conversation interview from 2007, and a lengthy interview from 2006 in Willow Springs  gives a good overview of his process and history as a writer. Willamette Week profile from the same time delves a bit more into his nonfiction; that profile mentions his essay “Out of Disorder, Into Pink Vinyl,” which can be read here. And last year, Elliott Holt wrote about being in a workshop taught by D’Ambrosio.

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