Weekend Bites: A Teju Cole Excerpt, 90s Squatters, Talking with Jesse Ball, Maud Newton, and More


“No one starts out thinking she’s joining a cult. It’s just that what often starts out like activism or camaraderie among strangers, apropos of a shared interest, can turn into cult behavior if given enough time.” Fiona Maazel talked with The Rumpus.

Feel like reading an excerpt of Teju Cole’s Every Day is for the Thief? Hazlitt can help you there.

Maud Newton’s “A Doubter in the Holy Land” is highly recommended.

Cari Luna wrote about squatters for Jacobin.

Jesse Ball was interviewed at The Paris Review.

Did James Baldwin write the greatest piece of film criticism ever?

Marc Masters interviewed David Grubbs about the latter’s book on experimental music.

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