Morning Bites: Record Collector Lit, Chloe Caldwell’s Latest, Kerry Howley, Diane Cook Interviewed, and More

Nell Zink-6-Fred Filkorn

Nell Zink’s The Wallcreeper was reviewed in the Times. We interviewed Zink earlier this fall.

“The end of the world is just one kind of end and any kind of end tells us about ourselves.” Diane Cook talked with Electric Literature.

Oliver Wang wrote about Amanda Petrusich’s Do Not Sell at Any Price for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

At Hazlitt, Tobias Carroll wrote about Kerry Howley’s Thrown.

Boss Fight Books is doing a fundraiser for their second season of books, which includes work from Matt Bell.

Chloe Caldwell’s novella Women was reviewed at Bustle.

Lena Dunham bought some excellent books while at Powell’s.

Feel like reading an excerpt of Mike Meginnis’s Fat Man and Little Boy?

Mike Pace talked music and wrestling on the Beginnings podcast.

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