Afternoon Bites: Patti Smith, Rosie Schaap on Drinking Libraries, David Cross Interviewed, Damon & Naomi, and More


“By the time of Trampin’ I felt like the idea of the disenfranchised is no longer the artist or the poet, but people who are under the heel of corporations, of corrupt governments, of the imperialistic goals of our own government—we’re all disenfranchised.” Alan Light talked with Patti Smith.

Talking Annie Dillard at The Atlantic.

Rosie Schaap wrote about the ideal drinking library.

Checking in with Brittle Paper founder Ainehi Edoro.

Lincoln Michel interviewed David Cross for Vice.

Bob Nastanovich on the return of Silver Jews.

At Impose, Liz Pelly interviewed Damon & Naomi.

A look at the current state of Grifters.

When Drake meets hardcore t-shirts….

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