Vol.1 Brooklyn Presents the Greatest 3-Minute Midwestern Stories


Flyover states or the heart of America? The Rust Belt, cities with big shoulders, lakes on fire, God’s Country; miles of corn, cows, tall buildings, bodies of water, big sprawling cities, and bucolic tiny towns. Cities that work, and others that don’t; political corruption, small minded people and really big thinkers. The Midwest is America, and on September 17th at Housing Works, these readers will explore why that is.

Alexander Chee

Leigh Stein

Kashana Cauley

Ashley Ford

Abraham Riesman

Meredith Clark

Jill Mapes

Tyler Coates

Meredith Modzelewski

Helen Rosner

Syreeta McFadden

Michaelangelo Matos

September 17th, Housing Works (126 Crosby Street, NY, NY), 7 PM, free. Facebook RSVP here.

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