Where Chamber Music Meets Miéville


Qasim Naqvi is one-third of the compelling, often experimental Brooklyn trio Dawn of Midi. He’s also a composer in his own right. Next month, NNA Tapes will release “Preamble”, a collection of new compositions written by Naqvi and performed by The Contemporary Music Ensemble of NYU.

There’s also a literary connection, which may well interest those who like their music and their fiction unpredictable and unconventional.

The music heard on “Preamble”, as it turns out, was written to accompany an art installation that was itself inspired by China Miéville’s evocative, surreal detective story The City and The City. In his notes for the album, Naqvi noted that “I wanted the element of chance but not total chance. The performers can make certain choices for themselves, based on the watchful impulses of the conductor.” One of the compositions can be heard via Bandcamp, and is embedded below.

“Preamble” will be released on November 13th.

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