A George Saunders Radio Drama (More or Less)


I grew up in a house with a lot of records, one of which was an evocative recording of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood narrated by Thomas and featuring a larger vocal cast, echoing its roots as a radio drama commissioned by the BBC. In the years since then, some recordings of books have taken a page from the radio drama playbook: the audio version of Max Brooks’s World War Z echoed the novel’s oral history structure, and featured a vocal cast that included Henry Rollins, Kal Penn, and Simon Pegg.

Which brings us to this year, and George Saunders’s much-anticipated novel Lincoln in the Bardo. That, too, will have an audio version, which also features an abundant array of notable voices. Carrie Brownstein, Jeff Tweedy, Nick Offerman, Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, and Saunders himself are all featured–all of which promises to be a listening experience that goes above and beyond what one might expect.

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