Sarah Gerard & Beth Steidle Talk About Books They Wrote

Beth Steidle and I met working at McNally Jackson Books, in Soho. I knew nothing about her when she started; she offered little personal information, but would answer questions if I asked. I came to learn she was a writer. Then I came to learn she was a visual artist. One night, we found ourselves taking the train home together, and I learned she was working on a book about her father, who died of kidney cancer. I read Beth’s […]

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A Year of Favorites: Sarah Gerard

A Year of Favorites

I read, I write. This is what I do. Earlier this year, I dropped my hours at McNally Jackson down to part-time in order to do these things more. Ten months later, I left McNally Jackson altogether to take a job at BOMB Magazine. A few weeks ago, I came out with a little book that isn’t included in this list, but is called Things I Told My Mother. Thank you, in advance, if you choose to seek it out. […]

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