In What Year Does Your Semiautobiographical Masterpiece Take Place?


If there’s one question a young writer dreads, it’s what is your devilishly handsome semiautobiographical masterpiece all about, anyway? But the question this writer dreads even more is the one I got asked the other day at the Wicker Park Renegade Craft Festival: in what year does your masterpiece take place? Because as a writer I long ago had to put the cult of years behind me. 

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Haunted by Memory Itself: Karen Stefano on Writing “What a Body Remembers”

Karen Stefano

Karen Stefano‘s memoir What A Body Remembers is an absolutely harrowing literary work. Initially it focuses on Stefano’s experience of an assault and what came next — but it turns into something even more complex as the years go by. Stefano explores questions of justice and empathy throughout the book, and there’s a moment towards the end that made me gasp in shock. I talked with Stefano about the origins of her memoir, its structure, and the themes she grapples with within it.

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The Future of Bibliophilia: Inside the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair

The 6th edition of the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair will be held this weekend (September 7 and 8) at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint. The volumes that will be on sale from a host of dealers are only one part of the festivities, however: the fair will include everything from a seminar on collecting occult books to an art show exploring the history of Afrofuturism. We talked with the festival’s Creative Director, Brian Chidester, to learn more—and to get a sense of what attendees might expect.

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