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Bites: Taschen, Dave Eggers is busy, Egon Spangler, Antony)

Got a thousand bucks to blow? Taschen is putting out their most expensive book in five years, and it’s none other than Norman Mailer’s first posthumous work Norman Mailer, MoonFire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11. If you want a more creative way to blow a grand, I have this really interesting business project called Vol. 1 Brooklyn that could use some funds. Paper Cuts asks if “Dave Eggers is the busiest man in literature?” We would like to answer […]

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Bites: Love in a bookstore, guest reviewers, book swaps, another one biting the dust, and more.

I want to wake up to a song like this every Monday morning. If you want to find love, maybe try going to our favorite Greenpoint bookstore. Scenes from the Goodreads bookswap. (Thanks Jacketcopy) On Litkicks, Levi Asher lets another guest review the Review, and they lead off with one of our favorite subjects, Dave Eggers. We lost Les Paul the other day, and now, Jim Dickinson – an unsung hero of southern rock – has also passed away.

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Bites: Peeking into Zeitoun, Dennis Johnson, battle of the powerblogs, new Bowerbirds

McSweeney’s has bestowed upon us an excerpt from the upcoming Dave Eggers novel Zeitoun. People are happy, and I’m sure some people could care less. We are not part of the latter crowd. Robert Brinbaum on Dennis Johnson’s Nobody Move. Gawker talks to the Editor-At-Large of the new “Huffington Post meets Gawker” website, Mediaite. Is this what happens when worlds collide? Nah. It’s more on the awkward side, especially when Gawker mentions there might be a “conflict of interest in […]

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