Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s September 2022 Book Preview

September 2022 books

We’ve entered the final weeks of summer. In practical terms, that means that it could turn brisk at a moment’s notice — or that a heatwave might be upon us before long. All of which means that this month’s array of books take a similarly wide-ranging approach, encompassing everything from taut poetry to maximalist fiction. Here are some recommendations to get your fall reading started.

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Sunday Stories: “Sympathy”

Sympathy by Ashton Politanoff Stewart was currently ranked 52 in the world, his highest ranking yet. At twenty-nine, this was his year. Everyone knew that when tennis players turned thirty, it was all downhill, unless you were Agassi. It happened on the practice court. He tossed the yellow ball up in the air, fuzzy from the heat, and whacked it. Immediately, he felt the shooting pain. He tried to shake it out, dropping the racquet on the baseline and dangling […]

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