An Insider’s Look at Publishing: Bethanne Patrick on Season Two of “Missing Pages”

"Missing Pages" logo

Last year saw the debut of Missing Pages, a new podcast about scandals in the literary world — and the larger issues that many of them reveal. After the podcast launched, I spoke with host Bethanne Patrick about its genesis. And now that we’re into the second season of Missing Pages — featuring episodes on the rise of Colleen Hoover, the ins and outs of ghostwriting, and the rise in book bans nationwide, among other topics — it seemed like time to check back in with Patrick to learn more about where the new season was headed and how the first season informed it.

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Books of the Month: May 2023 Edition

May 2023 Books

How, exactly, did we get to May already? Normally, we’d make a joke here about the collapse of time and space or something similarly esoteric, but the hour is at hand when we should get to the recommending of books. And so here are some book recommendations for the month we’re in — and, if you’re behind on your reading, these books aren’t going anywhere.

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Revisiting Literary Scandals in Podcast Form: Bethanne Patrick on Making “Missing Pages”

Missing Pages

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a deep dive into literary history, it’s currently a great time to do precisely that. The new podcast Missing Pages joins a few other notable audio productions — including Penknife and Once Upon a Time…At Bennington College — offering immersive trips into tangled narratives of literature and publishing. I spoke with host Bethanne Patrick about the making of Missing Pages and how the team behind it decided what narratives they’d focus on for the show’s inaugural season.

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